• About kennel

You are kindly welcomed on the Internet website connected with our breed. My name is Krzysztof Kierski and we established, together with my wife Kate and our daughter Agnes the breed called “AJRAMOR”. Dobermann is considered to be a dog that I have always been fascinated by its smart appearance since the earliest years of my youth. The adventure connected with this breed has begun from the female named ATHENA FENDI which was called AJRA. The dog has fulfilled our life with joy and has given satisfaction in everyday association as far as contributed to the beginning of adventure on the exhibit ring. According to its values we have appreciated not only the appearance of Dobermann but also more important features as well as personal and characterological abilities of this breed such as intelligence, trust, reliability, friendship, devotion, physical strength and fitness as well as love which has been shown to us. It all made us fall in love in this breed endlessly.

After our dog’s death we could not stand living without our Dobermann. We were going to buy the next female dog. We booked a black female puppy coming from a planned litter in Serbian breed “Altobello”. We both travelled to Serbia where we bought Zori Only One di Altobello. We claimed it to be our destination and a stroke of luck. We named this dog in this way because it has been the only puppy in this litter. It has occurred to be a wonderful dog as far as personality and psyche has been taken into consideration. It enabled the dog to gain many exhibit titles or received prize which fulfilled our expectations. We decided to establish the breed called “AJRAMOR”so as to be in a very close touch with her origin. The assumption of our breed is typically domestic that in our opinion has a great influence on Dobermann’s behaviour as well as the whole process of socialization.

We live in the suburbs of Lodz in the house including a big garden where the dogs can develop their physical strength, fitness and fantasy. The dogs are associated with our everyday life by living with us in our house. The puppies are considered to be the flatmates, because they have always been present in our everyday life.